Anyone who is considering adopting a yorkie puppy, especially a
tiny teacup yorkie puppy, absolutely must be aware of
hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia in Yorkshire terrier puppies is very
serious and can be fatal!
The good news is hypoglycemia is
100% preventable.

Hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar, is a condition where
the blood sugar level of a yorkie puppy drops to an extremely low
level, usually due to lack of food, or by using up all stored energy
without it being replenished, (playing/running for extended periods of
time, shivering out of nervousness or being chilled, stress, ect...).

Hypoglycemia is completely preventable. It is much easier and
cheaper to prevent hypoglycemia than to treat it. When you first
bring your yorkie puppy home, I strongly advise you to feed yorkie
puppy.  Make sure your yorkie puppy eats every 3-4 hours, even if it
is a small amount and even if you have to hand feed your yorkie pup
and yes at first during the night time.
. Feeding instructions below.

Fori-Cal Gell, Nutri-cal or Nutri-stat paste are wonderful for
preventing hypoglycemia. I recommend using 3 times a day,
especially first thing in the morning, after playtime and before bed.
Just squeeze about a pea size of the paste in front of his own you
will have to sqeeze a small amount and put it in his mouth yourself. If
you could rub it on the side of the gums even better. .If you find
yourself without the above supplements you can use regular
pancake syrup, jelly, honey or Karo syrup. A great way to help
prevent this is to put a tiny bit of pancake syrup in thier water so
they get that extra sugar whenever they drink..My puppies will be  
use to this because that is what I do when I am weaning them.

Signs of Hypoglycemia in Yorkie Puppies

Please call me immediately if your yorkie has any signs of
hypoglycemia, or if you even THINK your Yorkshire terrier may have
hypoglycemia.  I am here for you 100%.  314 550 7840

A yorkie puppy experiencing hypoglycemia is very scary and may
exhibit one or more of the following signs:Make sure you stay calm if
this happens and follow the direction..Do this before you call for
help. The sooner the better..

1. The gums of a normal yorkie puppy will be bright red  
or pink just like human gums. Gums that are pale in
places (whitish spots) or light pink may indicate that
your yorkies blood sugar is dropping. Gums that are
white, your yorkie puppy needs quick attention to
avoid hypoglycemic coma.

2. Another sign that may be seen is your yorkie vomiting
greenish or clear bile. Foamy saliva may also appear
at your puppies mouth. These symptoms usually go
hand in hand with your yorkie puppy not eating for
awhile. You need to give your yorkie Forti-cal, then
a protein based food as fast as possible.

3. More signs are: acting lethargic and listless, walking
unsteady as if they were drunk, falling over,
shakiness and even laying on their side and being
unresponsive. This is a EMERGENCY and your yorkie
must be given some type of sugar immediately!

After giving a form of sugar,, wrap your yorkie in a blanket to keep
them warm. If a heating pad or electric blanket is available, set it to
low and use it to help warm up your yorkie puppy. Wait 5 or 10
minutes for your yorkie to perk up. If there is no improvement,
administer more sugar. When your yorkie puppy perks up get them
to eat imediately.

EMERGENCY SITUATION: Take your yorkie puppy to a vet
immediately if you see no signs of improvement or responsiveness,
or if your Yorkshire puppy appears comatose. Before you leave the
house rub some Nutri Cal, Pancake or Karo syrup around the
mouth. Dont put enough to choke on. Rush to the vet for a glucose
injection or a I.V to save their life!
Remember to put that sugar in its
mouth before you leave
. Some of it can still be absorbed and might
Causes of Hypoglycemia
1. Over handling your new yorkie puppy and not allowing
them to get enough rest. I know how it is when you get
a new teacup yorkie puppy and you just want to play
with them, but please keep in mind that they are babies
and need lots of sleep.

2.Pups that do not receive enough nutrition. Just
because your tiny puppy has a bowl of food, does not
mean they are eating. It is not uncommon for a new
yorkie puppy to forget where their food is if they have
run of the house. Make sure you actually see you yorkie
eating their food. For this reason only put a small amount of food       
in the bowl so that you can tell if it has eaten.

3. Stress of moving to a new home. Please pay very close
attention to your new yorkie puppy when you take them
home. It is quite a transition for them. They have just
left their litter mates. Most of the time they
will be fine, but some will become stressed and stop

4. Changing your yorkies food can cause diarrhea, resulting
in hypoglycemia. Keep your dog on the food you were given unless
you are changing to Iams, Science Diet, Ukanuba or other High
Quality dog food.  Cheap corn based food are no good even though
they are popular because of commercial. .

If you are having low blood sugar issues go to Walmart by the
dog food isle and get a can of powdered puppy formula. give this
to the puppy as much as it wants. If it wont drink it itself you can
syring it carefully in the mouth behind the tongue. This will perk
a puppy up fast. In about a minute or two. Never feed a tiny
yorkie only dry kibble until it is at least 3 months old or older .

More Detailed Feeding Instructions
Your puppies stomach will be hard when it is full and soft when it is not full of food.  
Syringe feed if she wont eat on her own. She needs a good dog food. I use Iams
puppy food. I soak it in water - cover the food with water and let it sit out until it is soft.
This take hours.- and mix it with a small amount of Pedigree canned puppy food . I do
this so they will eat more. Only put small amounts of food in her bowl so that you can
tell if she has been eating. Always the food out for her. If she wont eat syringe feed
small amounts in the back of the tongue. You will need to change the food at least
twice a day so that it is fresh or the puppy wont eat it. You may have to change it 3
times a day in warm weather. Make sure you also  feed her in the middle of the night.  
I sometimes drizzle the nutri cal on the food.

Other Important tips
Keep her warm. My house is 77 right now in July and in the winter it is usually 79-80.
Do not allow your puppy to cry because the stress can cause low sugar.  When your
dog starts to "crash" she will lay down and just look at you because she cant get up.
The goal is to prevent this from happening. Once you are treating it the odds get
worse of her surviving. She needs to feel safe and warm. Not handled by a lot of
different people and never on the ground in public places, you could expose her to
You can get nutri call from any pet store, It goes by other generic names. If  you do
not  have nutri cal, then use Jelly, Pancake syrup, or Karo syrup(not my favorite)